Chalet Comellas / Lorrie Fredette / Carlos E. Kempff S. / Anne Staag

edition of 100, $70
deluxe edition of 10, $300

Fragments is a collaboration between Lorrie Fredette (NY), Carlos Kempff (NY), Chalet Comellas (TLH), Anne Stagg (TLH), Judy Rushin (TLH), Carolyn Henne (TLH), along with a collection of literary quotations curated by internationally renowned poet, Andrew Epstein (TLH)

The theme for Fragments was inspired by ancient Babylonian cuneiform tablets. Today these artifacts exist only as fragments, but they allow us to imagine a different world. The work of each artist featured in this edition addresses some type of fragmentation, whether having to do with lost identities, the piecing together of everyday materials, or the destructive nature of a blowhard president.