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What is Comma?

Comma is an annual publication of objects and words. It appeals to the idea that collections of small things create narratives they wouldn’t carry individually, and that intimate encounters with objects can potentially grab our imaginations. Born as an outgrowth of Judy Rushin’s project ViV — where she asserts art as something vital and mobile — Comma is an exhibition in a box.

Each volume brings a group of artists together to contribute to a limited edition boxed set. The group dynamics are different with every volume, and that's part of the fun.

Comma is supported in part by Florida State University, which allows us to keep the prices low, which in turn, makes art accessible to a broader public. All proceeds from sales go directly into purchasing materials for the next edition. We are currently busy working on volumes 2 and 3. Volume 2 is scheduled for release in early Spring 2018. Stay tuned and thank you in advance for your support!