Ru and Ju

Whenever possible and appropriate, the Comma boxes are made from reclaimed materials. The boxes for Volume 1 were made with old paneling that had been in the shop for a while. We affectionately called it stinkwood. Stinkwood was just cheap ¼” ply paneling with a veneer surface. I think it had been pulled from an old campus building and it held onto the dreary smell of institutional work. But the veneer had great character, as you know if you got to see Vol 1. Last night I got a text from Bill Rice, our sculpture tech, saying he found a little more stinkwood lying around the shop. Bill is the best.

My partner, known to you as Ru – is a writer and even though he’s not good at construction he has many opinions on the matter. You will find some of his scribblings in Comma boxes from time to time. Last week I found a kitchen reno in progress and I took Ru along to help me salvage some of the old 60s paneling they were throwing out. This is the good stuff, folks. It has those excellent embossed board lines on the front side and on the back, a layer of muddy green construction glue that, when lightly sanded, looks like the patina on the Statue of Liberty. It will be perfect for the elevated edition of V2 that we decided to release in September at the Happy Motoring Pop-Up Show (more soon).

V2 – Fragments – boxed in fragments of a 60s kitchen.

ugly paneling.jpg

Comma is a fledgling community, trying to thrive. Being a member of a creative community can feel good unless you're a loner. If you're a loner I respect that - you’re still invited to enjoy Comma from the privacy of your dwelling, whatever/wherever that may be. But if you want to be part of the Comma community of collaborators, you are invited to contribute.  I’m not talking about money donations, although we accept those as long as we don’t have to reflect your opinions. We reserve the realm of POV to the voices of Comma artists, and occasionally, Ru.

We would, however, like your old 60s paneling, or as Ru says, we’d like to bust up your chifferobe. Got a stack of old 12 x 12” acrylic mirror tiles left over from that 1980s DIY project your mom did to open up your dining room? Send them to us. We need them for V3. Got some 12 x 12” clear acrylic sheets from the pressed flower project you never got around to doing? We need those, too. Are you a glass fabricator who is dying to be a Comma collaborator? Let's talk.

Judith Rushin